Swim Lessons


General Information

For more than 40 years, the Innis Arden Swimming Club has been teaching kids of all ages water safety and proper swim technique. Our highly trained teachers provide a safe, fun, and effective learning environment for all students.

The lesson program is open to anyone in the community and is designed to allow students to progress at the rate most suitable for their own personal needs and capabilities. We strive to encourage independence, build swimmers' confidence, and teach strong stroke-based swimming skills.

Group lessons are open to all children 3 and up. Individual private and semi-private lessons are also offered throughout the summer, to schedule a private or semi-private lesson schedule through the instructor of your choice.

When possible, our intermediate classes will be taught from the pool deck.

Group Swim Lessons

Winter Swim Lessons

Our winter swim lesson sessions will be held the same way as the summer sessions, and there will be 6 week sessions.

Registration is now open for everyone.


  • Members: $60
  • Non-members: $90


Saturday AM lessons

Session 1: September 17 to October 22


  • Parent-Tot
  • Beginner
  • Puddle Jumpers


  • Early Beginner
  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate


  • Early Beginner
  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate


  • Early Beginner
  • Beginner
  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate

Please read the "How to Book Online" tab then sign up by clicking the button below.

Swim Lesson Registration for the 2022 season is now open.

Member: $60 per session

Non-Member: $90 per session*


Visit the IASC Store on Amilia: https://www.amilia.com/o/4560/iasc

  1. Create a login for yourself, the guardian and account owner. If you are an IASC Member please log into your IASC Amilia account.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Session, Level and Time that you would like to sign your student up for.
  3. Click the Blue “Sign-Up” Button.
  4. Now, in the registration window, select the blue “add person” button then enter their name, gender, and age. Please do not sign yourself up for the lesson as we need to collect different medical information for your child.
  5. If wanting to sign up more student or for more sessions, select continue shopping and click the Pool Programs tab to sign up for another session or to sign another student up.
  6. Check out when finished. If you receive a transaction error send me an email!
  7. Fill in forms as required.

Email: manager@innisardenswimclub.com with any questions or issues.

Online Swim Lesson Registration Instructions

Swim Lesson Levels

Parent-Tot: This is a swim lesson designed for our younger children that are not ready to get into the water without their parents. Typically this is for the swimmers under the age of 3 who are not old enough for our group lesson. Parents will help their children, under guidance from an instructor, get comfortable in the water and start to prepare for our group lessons.

Early beginner: Children will work towards becoming more comfortable being in the water, blowing bubbles, holding a kickboard, and pushing off the stairs to the instructor. This class is meant for children who have had little or no experience in the pool and/or no prior swim lessons. These are typically young children around the ages of 3 to 4. (This class is held on the pool stairs)

Beginner: Children will work towards kickboarding independently, gliding on front/back, and swimming freestyle for 15 feet. Prior to this class, children should be comfortable completely submerging themselves under water and willing to push off the wall toward an instructor. The age range in this class varies, but is typically fit for 4 to 6 year olds. (This class is held in the shallow end)

Advanced beginner: Children will work on side breathing, kicking, elementary backstroke, and swimming in the deep end. Prior to this class children should be able to push off the wall and swim freestyle 10-15 feet and glide on their back for about 7 feet. This class mostly consists of 6 to 8 year olds. (This class is held in the shallow end)

Puddle Jumpers: Puddle Jumpers is a swim lesson designed to get our young swimmers swimming a whole length of the pool in a structure similar to our swim team. This is a great option for our swimmers that are close to swimming a whole length or are able to swim a whole length but have not had experience within a swim team yet.

Intermediate: Children will work towards swimming 50 yards of competent freestyle and backstroke and will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Children will begin to learn how to dive and do a flip turn. Prior to this class, children should be able to swim freestyle, backstroke, and elementary breaststroke for 1 width of the pool, and should be comfortable swimming in the deep end without any assistance. Often, this is the last class taken before joining our swim team. (This class swims across the width of the pool, in the middle and deep end)

Swim Team Lessons: Children will work with swim team coaches to fine tune their strokes and receive additional coaching in a smaller group setting. You must be on swim team already to sign up for this level. (This class swims across the width of the deep end)