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Innis Arden property owners wishing to join the Swim Club should contact IASC Membership Chair Amber Brust

Annual Use Permit (AUP) memberships are currently full. AUP openings will be filled working down the waitlist. For inclusion on the waitlist, you must satisfy the AUP boundary restriction, submit the application/nomination forms and pay the application fee (see AUP description and Membership Policies below). For AUP forms, contact Membership Chair Amber Brust and include your residence address detail in your message for boundaries verification.


The following is a summary of the IASC Membership Policies.  The full Membership Policies are available here: Membership Policies.

RESIDENT: Open to Innis Arden property owners, with pool privileges extending to member ’s children and minor grandchildren. Initiation fee and annual dues apply.

LIMITED USE RESIDENT: Limited Use memberships are strictly for tenured resident member “empty nester” by an adult or adult couple with no children or grandchildren privileges afforded. Limited Use Permits are restricted to twenty members and afford 75 swim session limit per year. Limited Use Permit holders may not use guest passes with this account. Limited Use Permit applications are collected annually and permits awarded by April 20 solely on the basis of seniority of uninterrupted membership. Resident members applying for but not awarded Limited Use should may then fill out Resident Membership Annual Dues Statement by the pool opening date to continue as a resident member.


The following Annual Use Permit categories are open to those living outside Innis Arden. These are year-to-year permits. The number of Annual Use Permits may be reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis by the IASC Board. Please note that the IASC Board is required to give membership priority to residents of Innis Arden.

  • ANNUAL USE PERMIT: A non-Innis Arden resident membership affording pool privileges for a household in Shoreline West of Aurora Ave North and the community of Woodway, with geographic boundaries: Southern boundary North 145th Street, East boundary Aurora Ave North, West boundary Puget Sound, North boundary North 205th Street. Two current IASC resident member Letters of Sponsorship are required supporting the AUP application. Initiation fee and annual dues apply.
  • LEGACY: An annual use permit for an adult child of a current IASC Resident Member in good standing who resides outside Innis Arden. Legacy pool privileges are restricted to the household of membership and guests. Initiation fee does not apply.
  • FORMER RESIDENT: Affords a tenured active IASC Resident Members in good standing moving out of Innis Arden the opportunity to transfer their IASC membership to a Former Resident AUP. The former resident AUP affords pool privileges to a single household and their guests. Former Resident memberships are subject to Board approval. Initiation fee does not apply.

Membership dues must be paid by the opening day of the pool.

Membership Refund Policy