IASC Masters

Our Masters’ program is a year round endeavor, broken up into three season.

Summer Season: June 24 – July 27th

Fall Season: September 9th – November 27th

Winter Season: January 26th – April 18th

Each workout is designed to teach technique, build strength, and provide our adult swimmers with structure, and a little accountability to their workouts.

Each year our masters’ team participants in the GSSSL Masters’ Meet at the end of July. For 2024 that meet will be held at Innis Arden and will be the start to our 65th Anniversary Celebration.

Even if you do not participate in our masters’ workouts, all adults are encouraged and welcomed to participate.

2024 Masters Meet

On July 27th, 2024 our we will be participating in the annual GSSSL Adult Meet. This year it will be at Innis Arden, starting around 9:00 am, unless you are a 500 swimmer, then it will be a bit earlier.

This year, the meet will be the kickoff to our 65th anniversary celebration, so we look forward to seeing everyone at the pool and ready to swim.