Adult Swim Team

Due to COVID-19, we are not planning on having an adult swim team or swim meet this summer. We will let everyone know if that changes.


The Innis Arden Adult Swim Team has traditionally been a fun loose organization of swimmers and parents of swimmers that get together to participate in the annual adult meet. Each year we recruit swimmers and do our best to have as many participants as possible at the meet. As we start to look towards the 2021 season we are fielding thoughts on expanding this program. We are looking into dedicating specific time for the adult team as well as finding an adult coach. If you have thoughts on our adult team and the structure of it, please contact Jordan at with any thoughts.

Adult Meet

Each summer the teams from the Greater Seattle Summer Swim League come together for the annual adult meet. This is a fun meet for the adults from all the clubs to come out and see their improvement, or for many us, lack of improvement. This meet is typically held the first Saturday of August and Innis Arden won the 2019 meet. Each year, we strive to recruit and train as many adults as possible to join the team and come have an exciting morning full of laughs and some mildly competitive races.